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Puberty In Girls

The word PUBERTY used to make girls go EEEEEEK. But, Not anymore, Nada.. My song and dance with lil’ Susie has taken the world of girls by storm. Now girls just groove to Knick Knack Knock. Now, we are POSITIVE about Puberty.

You can just watch the video with your daughter when you think she’s ready. You could even have a bunch of her friends and their moms over for a fun PINK PARTY and welcome the girls to womanhood.

My workbook ‘Ms P’s Guide for Girls’ is a fun and educational book with lessons on changes in the brain, breast development, periods and much more. It is beautifully illustrated with loads of tips. Also don’t forget to watch our Period Buddies video where Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Period Panties, Caddies come to life and teach girls how to use and dispose them.

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