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Pink Party

Tough conversation made easy with pals, pink lemonade and yummy cake.

How to host a Pink Party

  • Plan a cosy party for your daughter, her best friends and their moms
  • Buy/Make-your-own Period Starter Packs for all the girls
  • You could add some pink balloons and streamers to set the mood
  • And yes, don’t forget popcorn, cake and pink lemonade
  • Watch the videos puberty in girls and period buddies together
  • Be prepared for their questions and teach them how to use a calendar to understand their period cycle (you can download the helpers at the end of each lesson)

Why host a Pink Party ?

  • Since it’s a group of her friends, the session will be a fun party and not a serious lesson
  • The girls will be excited about the Period Starter Pack gifts that they get
  • More children to ask questions = more adults to answer them = more knowledge gained and shared
  • It will be a celebration of womanhood and they will have a positive outlook towards Puberty

How to make your own Period Starter Pack

  • A few sanitary pads
  • A few pretty leak-proof period panties
  • A little leak-proof pouch to help her carry her essentials easily in her backpack
  • A calendar and pen to mark her cycle
  • Information on puberty (you can use the free helpers )
  • Some candy would be great