Hi! I’m Mr. P. Did you say Puberty? In Boys? Well, I’m the expert, the guru, the unparalleled master on the subject. And I take it upon myself to coach young boys about the journey that lies ahead for them. Hair, voice, muscle, et al. And that’s just what I intended to do with Ryan, until..aaa..ahem..he kinda took me for a ride. Watch the video above and maybe you will learn a thing or two yourself.

My workbook ‘Mr P’s Guide for Boys’ is a fun and educational book. It picks up cues from the video and answers all the questions in a growing boy’s mind. It puts boys at ease and lets them know that they are not the only ones on this journey. It is charmingly illustrated with loads of tips and facts. Equipped with this guide, he will sail through puberty confidently.

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