So you really want to know about us ? Well, here is the story.



am Deepa, a mom to 2 little girls.

Whenever I attempted talking to my girls about puberty or child sexual abuse, I brought in a lot of apprehension, which invariably brought in fear and confusion in my girls.


Wanting it make it easy for myself and parents world over, I roped Ms.P & Mr.P, the friendly dragons to create this platform “How To Tell Your Child”. These dragons make these exact awkward lessons positive, empowering and even fun to learn.

Now all that I have to do is watch a fun video with my girls and I know that they know all that they need to know. It’s that easy!

I love hearing feedback (only if it’s positive), so do mail me at and let me know what you think.

Pssst… Mr.P and Ms.P are not done yet ! They are cooking more stories. So watch out for those.