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How To Encourage Stem Learninf In Your Child

Kids interest in science and math tends from general apathy to terror, depending of course on the kid in question. But is there a way to change this?

Who’s Responsibility Is Child Safety – Parents Or Teachers?

On average, the proportion of CSA lies between the range of 8% to 20% depending on the country under consideration. Typically incidence rates for girls tend to be higher than that of boys.

Quick Tips To Ensure Your Child’s Safety

It’s wise to teach children about private parts and it is fine for them to have the words breasts, genitals, vagina, penis and bottom as a part of their vocabulary.

3 Healthy Ways Having The ‘Puberty And Sex’ Talk Can Help Your Daughter

I remember the ‘sex talk’ with my mother taking place before the talk on puberty. This was because I had forced my mother into a corner.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Puberty Talk

Parenting is hard work. Once you have safely navigated your toddler through milestones like the start of school; parents have to start gearing themselves for the teenage years filled with angst and rebellion.

Meet Mythili: Project Intern, How To Tell Your Child

Over the past two months, you have read my captions and profile pieces, watched my videos, seen my images, posts and tweets, and witnessed my attempts to show you how HowToTellYourChild’s content can help your family.

Meet Priya, Marketing Head, How To Tell Your Child

n 2013, when the founder, Deepa, Priya and the Adira team were trying to figure out a way to spread awareness about the benefits of period panties, they knew they had to first get rid of the period taboo.

Meet Divya, Program Director, How To Tell Your Child

#IWillGoOut became a nationwide series of social protests against street harassment of women in India born out of a change.org petition and Facebook, early in 2017.

Meet Jai, Director, How To Tell Your Child

Meet Jai — An entrepreneur who enables people to drift through mud roads on dirt bikes, finishes marathons, enjoys a good beer, reads voraciously, and bicycles to work.

As a Parent, How Do You Teach Your Kids About Child Safety? Here’s Your Answer.

I am a mother of three — Two preschoolers and an infant. From the time they started talking I have been confused as to how I should make them understand what’s good and what’s bad; about how to teach them about difficult topics such as child sexual abuse.

Here’s Why I Made A Video On Puberty

I was 10 years old and it was my cousin brother’s 8th birthday. The cake would be cut only at 6:30 pm giving us noisy bunch ample time to play outdoors.